Watch: Hidden Cost of Solid Aperture Tires

“Solid Shock” refers to the impact of G-Force vibration emitted to heavy industrial vehicle operators and their equipment from solid aperture tires. Not only is Solid Shock a major source of wear and tear on machines, but it’s also a leading cause of operator injury. One example is Whole Body Vibration (WBV), which can cause fatigue, back pain, and spinal damage, which can lead to increased worker compensation claims. In contrast, polyurethane filled tires are designed for operator safety because they transfer the lowest G-force vibration of all flatproofing systems.

A significant indication of the cushioning ability of any tire lies in the durometer, or hardness of the rubber compound and other components. A solid tire with high durometer components is harder and absorbs less impact. A tire with low durometer components, such as polyurethane tire fill, is softer and absorbs more impact.